Own Your Stuff

Own your stuff

People come with all sorts of personality traits, needs, quirks and flaws and spend a lot of time apologizing for who they are or what they have or have not done. I want to encourage you to ditch that self deprecation and walk with confidence!

You will be searching a lifetime to find a unicorn who hasn’t had any issues or experiences they are not proud of or wish they could take back. We are all human and the sooner you stop apologizing for your past and start living authentically and “Owning your stuff”, the better off you will be mentally and emotionally and  able to grow from your experiences.

I have made pleeennnnty of mistakes in my life and I have had to own that, but it took a while to get to accepting that mentality. Some of my mistakes have been made public and some only I know about. The public ones definitely are not fun but guess what… get in line. Most people — unless you have the luck of the Irish on your side have had to air their dirty laundry at some point in life. Yes it is uncomfortable and cringe worthy at the times, but it’s a must to get over it and move on!

Life is full of ups, downs and lessons to be learned. The more you experience and understand that, the better off you will be. Find growth from your mistakes and you will find yourself to be a person of integrity. You are a dynamic and unique individual who has like all of us gone through some not so proud times but guess what? That isn’t the only thing that defines you and it doesn’t need to be an albatross around your neck for life.

Learn from your mistakes, grow from your mistakes and “Own your stuff”. You will thank yourself later for freeing your mind of personal judgment and making space for growth and evolution!

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