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Welcome! I am sure you have spent a fair amount of time looking for someone to give you the direction, structure and strategy you need to propel yourself forward. Perhaps, you have worked with coaches in the past and are still looking for the right fit? This in itself is a big task and the first step along the way to achieving your goals. So first I want to say: "Good for you for taking the time to better your life"!

There are a variety of professionals to work with, and it’s important that you find a coach with whom you feel you can share, be open, and form a bond — someone who can help inspire and encourage you to be the best you! You are looking for a coach who understands your needs and most importantly, identifies with the topics where you seek transformation.

As a Transformational Coach, my role is to listen to your needs and understand them on an emotional and functional level. I will help shape you, direct you and empower you as you progress on your journey of transformation.

Qualifications and Certificates

  • Certified Accredited Transformation Life Coach.
  • Confidence Coach and (REBT) Rational Emotive Behavior Mindset Coach.
  • Certificate in Stress Management Coaching from Empowerment Expert Academy.
  • Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Renaissance Life Therapies (CBT).

I continue to take courses from a variety of institutions on all matters pertaining to the latest techniques in my field of coaching. Coaching focuses on moving forward and creating plans for how to achieve life goals and this is my primary focus for you.

I am not a licensed therapist or psychologist; however, I am well versed in these practices and have taken and continue to take courses pertaining to these fields. I believe that having an education and a fundamental understanding of psychology and therapy allows me to have a holistic perspective that I can apply to your individual needs.

What I Believe In

We are all different

The beauty of humanity is that we are all SO different. We have different needs, values, tastes, preferences, goals ... the list goes on. It’s important to understand and celebrate the individuality of each person, and with that, cultivate a plan and a life path that speaks to you and your unique desires. You may be looking for your passion, for inspiration, for emotional support, for a structured plan on transforming an aspect of your life, or for someone whom you can bounce ideas off and simply share your life challenges with.

All humans need support

No matter how strong or how vulnerable we are, all humans need support! The power of having a confidant — someone to support you, someone to remind you that YOU are an amazing individual with a BIG life ahead!

I truly believe that if you have found yourself on my site, it means that you have taken a brave and invaluable step by acknowledging that you want to make the most of your life and you are ready to take action and transform!

My Journey to Coaching

Let me start by sharing about my personal journey to becoming a coach.

Clients want to understand why a coach became a coach. Did they start as a coach for their first profession, or did it come to them later in life after experiences inspired them to want to help others? Many coaches come into their profession after already having a previous career.

I am one of those coaches who come into their profession after already having a previous career. I feel that life experience, both positive and negative, is what makes a well-rounded coach, someone who can give you the perspective you need for transformation. Let me share my path to my coaching practice with you!

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Scientific and Technical Communications from the University of Minnesota. It ultimately didn’t meld with what inspired me career wise. Sometimes it takes four years of education to learn that what you set out to do, you don’t really want to do! Despite not making a career in the tech industry, I learned many relevant skills and great connections. I believe that silver linings can always be found.

I minored in Rhetorical Arts, which focuses on the verbal and written word and how to convey feelings, thoughts, and emotions — this, of course, is what drives my love of writing, blogging, and verbal communication. Ultimately, my minor ended up being one of my passions.

During my time in school and after graduation, I ran high-end entertainment establishments. I met many professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, and many wonderful people, as well as, of course, "interesting" personalities attracted to the industry, it was never a dull time!

Post graduation in my mid-twenties, I knew I wanted to own an entertainment venue. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoyed the fast pace and energy of the entertainment and hospitality industry. I put my desire into full speed and within sixteen months opened my first business, a beautiful restaurant and lounge. I soon after went on to open a wine bar, a farm to table restaurant and a cocktail lounge over an eight-year span of time. My nearly decade of owning hospitality and entertainment venues was a challenging and exciting time. I loved the creativity and social aspects of the business.

Despite embracing and enjoying my path for many years in the hospitality industry, I am a person who craves change and evolution. Desires and goals can change in life. Just because you achieve one goal doesn’t mean that more are not allowed to follow. I believe that when we achieve a goal, we will always, consciously or subconsciously, start working on the next one. This is what keeps our minds sharp and motivated. It is the essence of the human spirit.

After my time in the hospitality and entertainment business, I felt it was time to shift my focus toward what I have always loved and has come natural to me - mentoring and coaching others. My interest transformed from creating brick and mortar businesses to helping others discover their passions.

I was shedding my shell and gravitating toward taking on a new role, a role I had always owned for those close to me in my personal life. I felt it was time to start empowering other people to achieve their dreams and transform their lives. Selfishly this feeling is amazing — helping people achieve their goals and live the life they desire is a feeling like none other!

Personal Background

I love to travel and explore the world. I believe that meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, foods, and ways of life, can be incredibly enriching. What I ultimately have learned is that — as different as we are geographically, physically, or culturally — we have far more commonalities than differences.

I have been married and divorced. I am in good relations with my ex-husband, and we share our dog Buffy together. I am proof that you don’t need a messy ending with a spouse. Sometimes relationships have to move on for a variety of reasons, and you can get through the tough times and onto the other side with mutual respect.

I love cooking and entertaining. Anything that brings people together to laugh and have joy fills me up!

I am Sincere, and I am Real

I write all of my blog posts which give an insight into my personality and mentality. My YouTube videos are my true personality, not an act. I am sincere, and I am real. I have had failures and successes. I have learned lessons the hard way and other times had luck fall into my lap. The human experience is a mixture of calculation and randomness. All of our experiences are what make us human and whole. I have learned from my life lessons and I continue to grow.

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