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Below is a showcase of testimonials from a range of clients who have benefitted from my coaching services. These individuals have openly shared their stories of transformation and success, cultivated through our collaborative process. I share these experiences with potential clients to illustrate how, by working together, you will be equipped with the necessary tools and guidance to surmount challenges, foster personal development, and realize your goals.

Laura A.
Laura A.
Austin, TX

After having my second child I felt very overwhelmed. I had a 3 year old and a newborn and was working full time. I was not in the best place in my relationship with my husband and starting to feel like life was no longer fun and exciting, but instead toilsome and stressful. I started working with Ivy because I was looking for a new perspective. She gave me so much emotional support during a long and rough transitional time and ultimately that saved my relationship.

By working with her I was able to gain perspective on my life and choices that shed a new light on my situation. I am in a better place now, my marriage is back on track and I see the joy and fun in life again! I have already set new goals for trips we want to do as a family as well as some personal ones for me alone to make sure my personal happiness cup is full.

Overall my experience is that Ivy gave me a chance to share personal issues that I didn't want to share with others and that helped take a lot off my chest and mind. She helped direct me to see things in another light. We set personal goals and made a plan for me to start moving into my next stage of growth, and a new mentality to get back to that happy bright person I truly was inside.

Jillian P.
Jillian P.
Family Law
Minneapolis, MN

Ivy helped me in so many ways from my confidence to my general life outlook. I was feeling stuck, uninspired and I hated my job. I worked with Ivy for several sessions back to back for my first month and we did a deep dive into what it was that would make me tick and inspire me. Ultimately, I decided to go back to Law school, which I had dropped out previously after 2 years. I have now graduated and am so happy I made the move and changed my life trajectory. I needed to get perspective and start acting on what I actually wanted. Working with Ivy made that happen by enabling me to gain my confidence back and reminding me that I am in control of my life.

Brook U.
Brook U.
Chef and Restaurateur
San Diego, CA

I worked with Ivy over the course of 6 months while transitioning out of my marriage, selling my home and relocating. It was a big year. I really needed someone to keep me on track with my goals, keep my spirits positive and remember that I have new beginnings to look forward to — she provided exactly what I needed to move through hard times.

Becca L.
Becca L.
Mom of 3 / PR
St. Louis, MO

After thinking about hiring a coach for a few years, I finally made the move and it gave me such a boost on my mindset and life outlook. I have three children, 1 in college and 2 still at home. I worked for years before being a mother and then took on my parenting role full time for the last 10 years. My kids are older now and independent for the most part. I needed to find myself again. I wanted to have "my own thing" and identity that was not a part of being a mom or wife. I love my roles but I needed something else since my life was transitioning.

Ivy and I did a deep dive into who it was I wanted to be. I updated my style, I got back into working out and traveling, and I started to see life through a new lens. I didn't realize how much I had let my personal needs go to the wayside and how much it effected myself and probably those around me. I am back to how I felt over a decade ago and I started working part time again in PR which was first career. It feels really great to be back in a place where I am part of society in a way that I feel is valuable and makes me energized.

Maria E.
Maria E.
Chicago, IL

I was in a true point of limbo between my corporate job — my first job out of college that I had been at for 6 years, and what I ultimately wanted to do which is work in a creative industry. I have always been creative and felt my most alive when I am using my mind in ways that allows me to explore colors, shapes and patters. In college I took the safe and steady route and got an economics degree. I felt that financial stability was my priority and this degree was safe. This makes sense on a logical level, but as Ivy helped me discover — I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I was suffering at my job, I was bored and I was stuck. Coaching with Ivy helped me to design the life I had envisioned in my youth. With outlined goals and strategic steps, I am now in a profession that speaks to me. I work on photoshoots with set designers and get to use my creativity on a daily basis. I have never been busier, but I have never been happier. I am thankful I made the move to coach with Ivy and discover how to live the life I always wanted.

Christina W.
Christina W.
IT Professional
Seattle, WA

Sometimes in life people know what they want but they need that extra push- the steps, right direction and accountability to achieve their goals, that was me. I’m not the best with organization and sticking to my goals and it showed in my personal life and unfortunately it was starting to leak into my professional life, which is when I knew it was time for help. I called my world "organized chaos" which was my fun spin on it — but living it in reality is stressful.

Ivy helped me unveil why I lived the way I did. Discussing my challenges out loud gave me a new perspective, and awareness of why I was running my life how it was. Together we created a plan to change my habits and behaviors. My growth is a work I progress but I am FAR better than I was before beginning coaching. My home is more orderly, my time management is better and most importantly my mind is clearer. Across the board, close people in my life have seen a change. I look forward to continue working together and continuing my evolution.

Jane Reeves
Jane Reeves
Founder of
Radiant Jane Retreats

My company was growing and transitioning. With growth of course comes new hurdles, this is why I decided it would be beneficial to bring in a WLP coach to help address the changes and create a cohesive transition for past and new employees. Ivy was instrumental by coaching employees who needed an outlet to share concerns, and grow into their most confident selves to sink into a productive flow during our growth.

Ben Taheri
Managing Partner
Aria 10

Ivy helped me to see that leadership is not just about my job, it’s about who I am. I have learned to see myself more congruently — what I do at work, who I am at home. If being a leader is your chosen craft, and you want to polish your craft, then working with Ivy is a sure way to master your chosen vocation.

Elizabeth N.
Marketing Director
Splice PR

Ivy has the interpersonal skills necessary to help me function more effectively, and to enjoy my work more. Working with Ivy allowed me the opportunity to build on my strengths and address my weaknesses. Together we analyzed the kinds of situations that confounded me, and we found ways to work around or through them, using approaches I know I will apply again and again.

Andrew Richmond
San Francisco

I worked with Ivy while I was going through my divorce. It was a challenging time with a lot of ups and downs emotionally. Working with someone who has been through that same struggle was a great help to support me. Ivy was able to understand where I was coming from and ultimately remind me that I will find love again, I will be happy again and although one chapter of my life had closed, this doesn't mean it's the end. She helped me understand that I can honor that part of my life and grieve it, but also know there is a big world and life ahead of me that I need to embrace and accept. Working with Ivy helped me see that when one door closes, another opens and there is always happiness and new memories in front of you if you open yourself to it.

Rachel Hayes
Austin, Texas

During Covid early days my anxiety was at an all time high. I was seeking help online and also working with a therapist. I needed a team to support me. I needed my therapist to walk me through rational thinking and I wanted a coach to help me organize my goals and give me a sense of control during a time when I felt helpless and aimless. Ivy Helped me structure my future career goals and gave me a sense of purpose during a time of fear and struggle.

Erin S.
Salt Lake City, Utah

I have been struggling with leaving and off again / on again toxic relationship for 5 years. Its been a daily struggle, I know it is unhealthy and I have had a hard time pulling away. I am still on my journey and it's not something I can correct overnight. I have been working with Ivy to increase my confidence, help me recognize when toxic behaviors are taking place and to help me find ways to step back, and assess when im the middle of a toxic battle and how to not engage. Support is what I need right now and what I get from working with Ivy.

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