Self-Empowerment Coaching

If you are on my site, let me say, thank you! You’ve reached the right page if you want to change yourself.

I’m a professional life coach for women and men. I help them activate their true selves and empower them to discover and play to their strengths, identify their purpose, burn passion, and leverage their creative energy to achieve incredible results.

Do you want to live the life you’ve been dreaming of? Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Then empowerment coaching services are for you!

The coaching will be focused on your growth that will enable the transformation of your life. I coach and teach empowerment tools that provide a clear plan that has already helped many women and men achieve their goals.

Ivy Ivers - Relationship Coach for Women

Hi! I’m Ivy Ivers, your life coach. I’ll help shape you, direct you and empower you as you progress on your journey of transformation.

Things I Help My Clients With

  • Finding your passion and figuring out what to do with your life.
  • Finding the motivation, you need to reach your goals.
  • Creating a solution-centered plan that lights you up.
  • Cultivating more time freedom, even if you have a day job.
  • Improving your self-belief.
  • Boosting your confidence.
  • Managing stress at work.
  • Learning leadership skills and take action to help you get that promotion.
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others.
  • Increasing your productivity and performance.
  • Setting goals and achieving them.

Live An Empowered Life Right Now

Live An Empowered Life Right Now

In the role of a life coach, I work with women and men who are at a crossroads in their lives. They may get married or divorced, leave or return to the workforce, and others. These life stages can bring you many new benefits if you empower yourself with the necessary sense.

As an empowerment life coach, I’ll support and empower you to get clarity on your purpose and values so that you can live the empowered life you are meant for. I’ll guide you in finding your inner potential and strengths for overcoming the barriers that hold you back. After we identify your fears and obstacles, I’ll teach you techniques to begin your unique self-empowerment to achieve what you want in life.

In my coaching, I avoid judgments as my approach is focused on finding solutions. I’ll also help set your personal and professional goals and provide you with the tools and resources to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. In short, I’ll show you how to develop a healthier behavior for living a happier life.

Why should you trust me?

I am a Certified Accredited Transformation Life Coach, Confidence Coach, and (REBT) Rational Emotive Behavior Mindset Coach, educated with Transformation Academy.

My approach and methodology are tailored and unique to each client. They are based on what I learn about them within our first private session. I customize each plan to teach tools that best fit my client’s empowerment.

Online Empowerment Coaching For Your Needs

Online Empowerment Coaching For Your Needs

Regardless of where you are, you can reach me for getting professional self-empowerment support. I work with clients via online sessions. These communication mediums enable us to work together in any physical environment conveniently.

Schedule your complimentary ‘’Get to know you’’ conversation to find out how I can help you empower yourself to reach your professional and personal goals. We can connect via Skype, FaceTime, Google Chat, or any phone messaging apps at a time that works for you.

My Coaching Courses

The New Confident You: How to go from Self-Doubt to Self-Mastery

The New Confident You: How to go from Self-Doubt to Self-Mastery

Embarking on a journey to enhance one's confidence is a transformative experience, one that can profoundly impact both personal and professional spheres of life. Taking a confidence course is not just about learning to speak louder or stand taller; it's about cultivating an inner strength...
Healing after a Divorce: Your Road to Recovery

Healing after a Divorce: Your Road to Recovery

This course's curriculum will help you with coping mechanisms, emotional well-being, and practical steps for post-divorce life. This accumulated knowledge can be instrumental in reshaping one's perspective, ensuring that the emotional scars heal in a healthy way, and facilitating a smoother transition into the next...
Have a Sexy, Fun Life: How to Stop Living Basic and Start Living Bold

Stop Being Basic and Start Being Bold: Your Guide to Living a Sexy, Fun Lifestyle

In this course, we'll uncover the deep importance of engaging in activities and exploring new ways of living that bring a refreshing perspective to your life! Throughout our journey, we'll dive into how seeking joy can transform your outlook and spread its contagious effects to...

    Enhance Your Life

    What I provide for each client

    Online 45-minute private empowerment coach sessions

    Complimentary 20-minute "Get to know you" conversation for new clients

    Individual approach and self-empowerment techniques for your transformation

    Recap of what was discussed with a client and the key concepts the client needs for next conversations

    Confidential and judgment-free, you can always feel safe sharing with me

    Customized growth plans designed exclusively in sync with the client’s personality types, life situations, and complexities

    Ready to start your empowerment journey? Let me support you on the way to your empowered life.

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