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I am a dating and relationship coach, working with single men and women of any age striving to find a partner to create a happy life. As a dating coach, I can show you how to find love and build a long-lasting relationship.

Whether you’ve just come out of an unhappy relationship, been bouncing from one bad relationship to another or been single for the bulk of your life-dating coaching can help you get back into the swing of things!

With dating coaching you can learn how to present your best self right away! I will give you the tools to feel comfortable dating as you go through your journey of seeking the right match, and help you understand that being confident and authentic about who you are early on, is the best way to secure a happy relationship long term.

Ivy Ivers - Relationship Coach for Women

Hi! I’m Ivy Ivers, your life coach. I’ll help shape you, direct you and empower you as you progress on your journey of transformation.

Let’s Take a Look - What Type of Person Are You?

I’ve noticed three main patterns in men and women who aren’t successful in dating. It is important to understand what energy and vibe you are protecting potential partners. While some aspects can be tweaked, others are ingrained behaviors that we need to assess in order to be authentic about who you are when dating.

The Success Oriented Individual

These people are successful in every area of life, but not in love. They might think that they don’t need anyone and feel a need for independence. They are usually active in building their career, so they don’t have enough time for dating. They make it well known their main life focus is career, which can be a red flag early-on to a potential match unless you find someone similar and can roll at the same pace.

The Always Single Person

They have been alone for most of their lives, and they feel comfortable about it. Still, one day they might realize they may stay alone for the rest of their life if they dont take action. They are the third wheel with their paired up friends on date nights, and are either too picky or too lazy to find a relationship.

Mr. or Ms. Short-Term Relationships

They are quite popular with the other sex and don’t lack in attention and compliments. They date often and even may have relationships, but they aren’t always long-term. They can be drawn to the wrong people, or self sabotage a perfectly fine relationship due to the addiction of chasing the next one.

Does Anything Below Ring a Bell?

Below you will find some of the reasons that you may have found yourself on my site:
Healthy relationship
  • You are upset that your friends are paired up while you are still single.
  • You are ultra confident outside, but you hide a lonely person inside.
  • You have another full-time job spending day and night swapping options on Tinder.
  • You try your best to find love online, but nobody messages you.
  • You don’t know what a happy, healthy relationship looks like?
  • You feel anxious when dating.
  • You are fed up with online dating and want to meet a partner in real life.
  • You act awkwardly on first dates and blow your chance.
  • You find something wrong in every partner because you’re afraid of making a mistake.
Relationship Coaching via skype
  • You don’t know what flirting is.
  • You can’t tell whether your new relationship is on track.
  • You are tired of trying to be someone you're not.
  • You feel depressed every time you are rejected and have lost your motivation.
  • You have unrealistic expectations for a well matched partner.
  • You have had only bad dates and negative relationships.
  • You always go for the wrong person.
  • You feel panic that time is passing you by.

I’m Here to Help You

As a dating expert, I work with men and women of all ages. I provide one-on-one online sessions where I help my clients in three steps:

  • Discuss your story and situation.
  • Identify why it’s happening.
  • Come up with your personalized confidence action plan.

After Our Coaching Sessions, You Will:

Healthy relationship
  • Have the confidence to explore dating with people who have real potential.
  • Turn online dates into real-life ones.
  • No longer be awkward upon first impressions.
  • Reflect on your past relationships and learn lessons from them.
  • Stop programming yourself on negative thinking.
  • Understand if your family relationship patterns may impact your romantic relationships.
Get the relationship you desire
  • Develop a clear understanding of a person who can be a perfect match for you.
  • Stop comparing everyone to your ex.
  • Know what being treated the right way in a relationship is.
  • Identify whether he or she is the one you’ve been waiting for all your life.
  • Get the relationship you desire.

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