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Welcome to my coaching website and thank you for taking the time to learn more about relationship coaching!

I’m a professional relationship coach, specializing in family dynamics and marriage or intimate partner communication. I help men, women and their better halves improve communication and behavior within their relationship, to avoid toxic patterns and cope with challenges that families and couples experience.

If you are on this page, you may be experiencing challenges within your family, marriage, or intimate partnership. Our happiness, confidence, and self-esteem are highly dependent on how well we get along with our family or our partner. Relationships can be far from static, it is important to invest time and patience in order to build mutual respect and positive communication habits.

If you feel tired of a toxic or challenging relationship, or just need to fine-tune your heart and mind, you are in the right place!

Ivy Ivers - Relationship Coach for Women

Hi! I’m Ivy Ivers, your life coach. I’ll help shape you, direct you and empower you as you progress on your journey of transformation.

I can help you if you...

  • Want to have more intimacy with your spouse.
  • Need to move on from a toxic relationship.
  • Feel you need to address your spouse's or your own infidelity.
  • Want to learn how to effectively communicate with your family members.
  • Love your spouse and want to reignite the spark of romance to your marriage.
  • Seek constructive advice for premarital preparation.
  • Have an unfulfilling marriage, and you feel as if you have turned into roommates.
  • Are having challenges discussing your issues with your family members or spouse.
  • Feel that you have trouble communicating your love to a significant other.
  • Are unable to build a healthy relationship with your family.
  • Need to move forward on the decision for a divorce to start living an independent life.

What will we achieve during our relationship coaching sessions?

As a relationship coach I work as a guide to women, men or a couple who is looking to be more open to each other and wants their relationship to work as a team. It is my goal to uncover hidden emotions and help resolve conflicts. I enable this growth by giving my clients the opportunity to look deeper into themselves and their contributions to the good and bad of their relationship. When a person can see outside their own field of vision, they open up a vast opportunity for growth.

The desired result of personal relationship coaching is to encourage individuals and couples to be more self-aware in regards to knowing who they really are, and to uncover their full potential to become a better person for their partner or future partner. You will gain the skills and tools to become a person or a couple that has:

Dating and Marriage coach
  • A successful loving relationship.
  • The ability to move forward from a toxic relationship or marriage.
  • Processed through the infidelity of yourself or your partner and is ready to move forward either together or alone.
  • The ability to communicate clearly with your family to build happy long-lasting relationships.
  • Brought the intimacy back to their marriage and found happiness again.
  • Learned to constructively resolve conflicts with your spouse or partner.
Relationship Coaching via skype
  • Learned positive communications skills to bring to a new relationship.
  • Learned the skills to express feelings of intimacy with your spouse or partner.
  • The ability to declare love and affectionate to their partner freely.
  • Built a happy and long-lasting relationship with close or extended family members.
  • Lived through a tough breakup or divorce and has healed in order to have an opened her heart for a new partner.

My Coaching Courses

The New Confident You: How to go from Self-Doubt to Self-Mastery

The New Confident You: How to go from Self-Doubt to Self-Mastery

Embarking on a journey to enhance one's confidence is a transformative experience, one that can profoundly impact both personal and professional spheres of life. Taking a confidence course is not just about learning to speak louder or stand taller; it's about cultivating an inner strength...
Healing after a Divorce: Your Road to Recovery

Healing after a Divorce: Your Road to Recovery

This course's curriculum will help you with coping mechanisms, emotional well-being, and practical steps for post-divorce life. This accumulated knowledge can be instrumental in reshaping one's perspective, ensuring that the emotional scars heal in a healthy way, and facilitating a smoother transition into the next...
Have a Sexy, Fun Life: How to Stop Living Basic and Start Living Bold

Stop Being Basic and Start Being Bold: Your Guide to Living a Sexy, Fun Lifestyle

In this course, we'll uncover the deep importance of engaging in activities and exploring new ways of living that bring a refreshing perspective to your life! Throughout our journey, we'll dive into how seeking joy can transform your outlook and spread its contagious effects to...

If you feel like you are ready to start making changes in your relationship dynamics with family, marriage, or intimate partners, I encourage you to act on it now. You have one life to live, and you deserve to give yourself the gift of happiness and harmony!

Here’s a success story from my client Shannon:

I have always had difficulty with intimate relationships. I was married young and divorced within five years. After my divorce I was in two additional relationships, each ending within a few years and not on the best terms. I decided it was time for self discovery and started out with the idea that I was the victim. After having an opportunity to dig deeper and understand myself and my needs, I realized that I am not a victim. I was simply seeking out and settling for the wrong people. My standards for who I thought I deserved were not in line with what I really wanted. Once I learned to understand my needs, my strengths, and weaknesses I found myself in a place to find a meaningful relationship that wasn't about power struggles or setting for what was available.

Houston TX

I understand relationships, I have faced challenges

I understand how it is to suffer through contemplating the end of a relationship. I understand the feelings of confusion, sadness, anger, and resentment.

I have been married and divorced and gone through a long journey of questions, denial, confusion, sorrow, and contemplation. I want to share that with you because I feel it is important to work with someone who has experienced the complexities of relationship challenges first hand. 

Just because a relationship ends, it does not mean you have to live in negativity or resent from your past. I can not only empathize and understand what my clients are experiencing- but I am living proof you can come out the other side, and have a happy and fulfilling life. 

I specialize in life coaching for people of all ages, single or married women and men with love relationship issues like these:

Processing Divorce: Endings and Beginnings
Processing Divorce: endings and beginnings

Do you feel like you will never move through mentally processing your divorce? Are you unable to communicate effectively to your ex-husband? Are you feeling emotionally stuck after your divorce and feel as if a new relationship will never be possible? Are you grieving the end of your marriage and can’t see the road ahead?

I will fuel you with courage to overcome this trial. I will design a personal plan for processing your divorce with steps designed to alleviate stress, confusion, uncertainty, and sadness. You have a big, full, and exciting life ahead! Let's work together to get you to a place to realize your future!

Remember, the end of one thing, means the beginning of something new.

Learn more about How to Heal after a Divorce

Family Relationships
Family Relationships

Are you having trouble building a mutual relationship with your husband? Do you find it challenging to communicate with your children? Do your parents or In-laws not understand you? Together we will find the root cause for these issues and design a coaching plan that will allow you to take the necessary steps to create a healthy atmosphere with your spouse or among your immediate or extended family.

Learn more about How to Stop Being Basic and Start Being Bold

Personal Intimate Relationships
Personal Intimate Relationships

Has the spark between you and your spouse faded? Do you feel discontent or complacency about your intimate relationship? Life can throw many hurdles our way from parenting and career challenges to personality and respect issues that affect our marriage and relationships. The good news is, these challenges can be faced and overcome. Together we will assess what the issues are in your marriage or intimate relationship. We will create a coaching plan designed to take the proper steps to achieve a happy and healthy dynamic among you and your spouse or partner.

Learn more about How to Living a Sexy, Fun Lifestyle

Dating Coaching
Dating Coaching

With dating coaching you can learn how to present your best self right away! I will give you the tools to feel comfortable dating as you go through your journey of seeking the right match, and help you understand that being confident and authentic about who you are early on, is the best way to secure a happy relationship long term.

Learn more about Dating Coaching

    Enhance Your Life

    What I provide for each client

    Individual online 45-minute relationship coach sessions (Skype, FaceTime, messaging)

    Individual approach for understanding what you need to change within your family, relationship or marriage

    Recap of what was discussed with a client during online or messaging sessions

    100% confidential conversations

    Customized family, marriage and relationship coaching plan

    Complimentary 20-minute "Get to know you" conversation for new clients

    Are you ready to move through hard times and give yourself the gift of self discovery and personal empowerment?

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