You Got This

You got this

We can always make excuses for what we CAN’T do but how many of us make excuses about what we CAN do?

Below is a list of some amazing success stories from people who were told they were not qualified or smart enough to achieve success in the careers they desired. These individuals prevailed against any self inflicting restrictions or from those around them who didn’t believe in or support them. It’s comforting to see that even some of the world’s most talented and innovative people have faced plenty of challenges!


Of course not everyone is a celebrity or even would want to be for that matter but it is interesting to read about famous people who have been through the ringer and found success, but think about how many people are not on a public list? There are everyday citizens who have unique and wonderful stories of evolution, success and perseverance. Why can’t this be you too?!

I have had times in my life where I have made excuses for why I can’t do something physically, mentally, career wise etc… we have all had weak moments, failures to face or obstacles that have made us think — why bother? Why keep on? It’s time to quit and settle.

I want to inspire you to know that at any age or stage in life, you DO NOT have to succumb to feelings of hopelessness or lack of motivation. Maybe you didn’t get a formal higher level education or if you did it wasn’t a top tier University so you have doubts about if you can compete. Perhaps you dropped out of school or simply didn’t have interest to begin with? Maybe you blame your lack of motivation on family issues from childhood or personal insecurities that held you back? It is easy to find an excuse to why you can’t have the life you want, but that’s all that is — an excuse and excuses are dull.

Many successful people started with very little, fringing poverty in many cases. Below are some unique rags to riches stories that show you don’t need to start out with a silver spoon to make it!


It’s interesting to take a step back and reflect on the stories of people who have experienced a variety of obstacles and hardships and despite them been able to keep their motivation strong. The human drive for happiness and achievement is what pushed us from being land dwellers to crossing oceans and making it to the moon! Keep motivating and keep believing yourself. Everyone has a strength to offer and a gift inside and no one can take that away.

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