Take a YOU Day

Take a you day

Work, family, social life, household tasks, post work emails, pets, workouts, errands… these are all some of the important and also tedious but necessary parts of our lives that enrich us, and at the same time when we are overloaded and not well rested can represent additional stress.

Do you recall the last time you took a YOU day? I mean truly got off the grid — avoided texts, calls, emails and just completely reverted back to that fun feeling of when you played hooky in high school or got a surprise snow day off as a kid?

We need this feeling of “chillaxing” as adults too! The most important thing you can do for your family, friends and work life is to recharge your batteries now and then and take a YOU day! You can’t give your all to these other aspects of your life when you’re tired and over extended, so please don’t for a moment feel selfish when you do take your you day because frankly — it’s selfish not to!

I want to stress that GUILT FREE needs to be part of the dialogue as well. I know a few people close to me who take hooky days now and then and are “cough, cough” staying home from work, but they end up sitting and fretting the whole day feeling guilty about what they are missing and actually end up getting into a higher state of anxiety over what should be a day of joy and freedom!

I want you to designate sometime in the next month to take a YOU day. Give yourself permission to relax. Arrange it on your work calendar, call in sick or take a vacation day, whatever it is that needs to be done or simply allocate a weekend day if that’s better for you schedule.

If you have children, have your significant other be the lead that day and you can return the favor for them when it’s their turn. If you don’t have a partner and can’t swing a full day, make a modification and call a sitter or family member and slip away for a good 3-5 hours of you time. This is enough to recharge your batteries, get a massage, nails done, zone out with a great podcast and don’t allow yourself to be interrupted for anything except for your own replenishment.

You don’t even need to go anywhere if you don’t want, you can simply lay around at home with your favorite shows and takeout. Remember no laundry and no household work! I know it’s tempting to play catch up when you have free time, but the beauty of the YOU day is that it’s totally worry and work free.

I just had one of these — well actually I took Friday and Saturday all day and was a total shut in and just vegged out and watched shows, made great food and it was so wonderful! Now I am bursting with energy and replenished and ready to get back into action which is the whole point!

Good luck to you with your YOU day and please make this a priority in your life, you will make yourself and everyone around you more happy!

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