Food and Wine Pairing

In my past I owned an elegant, boutique wine bar where I only sold “small batch” wines from around the world. Small batches are generally considered under 10,000 cases sold yearly so no big names or brands you could easily find at a large supplier liquor store or restaurant.

It was a beautiful and unique space that catered towards true wine lovers and enthusiasts. It was during my time running this business that I can say I truly gained an appreciation on a different level for wine making, flavors and food pairing.

Below I have attached images of the most exquisite and flavorful cheese, pairing and charcuterie plates we used to make. They were not only visually appealing, but they were full of exotic and local flavors that paired beautifully with our signature wine flights.

Although I am no longer in the wine business, my passion and love for it has continued to evolve. I love to host intimate wine parties at my home – sometimes just as intimate as me with my favorite wine and a beautiful cheese plate!

For wine lovers, or those new to the wine world, I want to encourage you to not just drink wine to take a proverbial load off after a hard day at work- but really enjoy and appreciate what it is your drinking and all the work, effort and often time thousands of years of evolution and skills that goes into your bottle! To compliment that appreciation, it is truly fun to make a ritual of a wine and food pairing. I have links below to a variety of resources that can educate you on traditional pairings as well as the more edgy new age versions that are appealing to the more adventurous and against the grain wine lover.

All this food and wine talk has awoken the hungry and thirsty wine-o within me!  I will open up my Sangiovese and start crafting my pairing plate! I’m thinking a Triple Cream Brie, cayenne dark chocolate and raspberries!

Food and wine pairing

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