In a world of influencers, Kardashian hysteria and advertisements on blast showcasing all things luxury, it can be hard to rouse your willpower and not splurge on that red Balenciaga moto bag or that canary yellow Gucci tote!

Fear not fashionistas… I’m about to tell how to get your high fashion game on and not break the bank.

Let me open your eyes to Fashionphile.

Fashionphile is the pioneer for online new and previously owned luxury handbags and accessories. They have fully legit designer bags from literally every designer you can fathom as well as accessories for a worthwhile price break.

I first heard about this company a few years back when I was pursuing the internet for a new small clutch, something fun and glitzy for a night out and easy to travel with. I had my eye on a Gucci horsebit chain bag but I wasn’t in the mindset to drop 2k on a party night clutch. I love luxury brands but I also love to be smart with how I spend my money. As someone who used to splurge a lot in my early 20’s I learned that luxury items are beautiful and hit you with a big old endorphin blast when purchased, but much of the time the quality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but the style and name brand is the allure so why not have it all without the guilt?

I spent a fair amount of time on Fashionphile looking at all the goods and was very impressed with the selection. The thing that gave me the biggest jolt of YAS was that I found literally the exact Gucci I wanted but instead of the Saks retail price of nearly 2k, I paid $600! I know this is still a lot of money so don’t get me wrong- but for a luxury item that I planned to use for several years this was well worth it (I can amortize the expense per use in my head and feel very good about it). My bag arrived promptly in mint condition in original packaging and I have used is for three years now and am so happy with my purchase. My bag has traveled to many places with me and we have shared many memories.

I always want to help my fellow females stay styling and also be smart about their funds so girls’ good luck, check out this site and perhaps your glamour bag is waiting for you!


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