Help! I’m Broke and Want to Travel

I’m broke and want to travel

In the world of social media exposure to all things beautiful, adventurous and exciting it’s hard to be content when you’re hunkered in at home, cooped up and dreaming of exotic places!

There is so much to do, see and experience of course you want to be apart of that ! Sigh… if only we had access to a hefty bank account life would be a dream and travel would be in abundance! That’s what people think but I’m going to help you see that you can most certainly travel on a budget and be apart of the adventure and excitement on a national and global level!

When I was in my younger years and living check to check in college I of course wanted to travel but it felt like it was impossible financially! Instead of moping around I decided to alter the way I operated in order to get some excitement in my life.

Here are a few ways you can make travel affordable and accessible To you:

1. Spread It Out

You can break up your travel arrangements into segments. Book your ticket far in advance and check for deals online there is always specials floating around and once you book your ticket then your financially and mentally locked in! This gives you plenty of time to start saving for your accommodations — hostel, hotel, airbnb whatever financially makes sense for you. A few months after your airfare ticket expense have you time to save, so now it’s time to get that roof over your head locked in! Give yourself a few more months to get your spending money together and boom vacation mode is on! Don’t forget also you can book deals together — flight and accommodations if you plan to stay in the same city and not hop around this is always a surefire ways to save $. Here are a few great travel deal sites:

2. Side Hustle

If you are tight on funds — get a side hustle! You can allocate this money towards your travel money and make your dreams a reality! Think about it — a side job can bring in thousands of extra dollars a year, this can be your gateway toward experiencing the life of excitement and variety you desire! Just make sure to not sneak any of that money for non travel related fun (I recommend putting it in another bank account not connected to your regular account like Vanguard or ING, something you can set up an automatic transfer from so you don’t even notice the money leaving or have quick access to it. 😉 If you have a day job surely you can work at a restaurant or bar in the evenings hostessing, bartending or serving as one example but again. If the hospitality industry isn’t your thing there are plenty of other options. Below are some links to various side hustle ideas to inspire you!

3. Live Lean

If you really want to prioritize adventure and travel and you don’t have the funds you can always start to live lean. This may not be an overnight solution, you may need to change up your life and it can take time. How much is the apartment? The car? The extras? What can you get rid of? Do you need to only shop at Whole Foods? 😉 Do you need that 5th pair of luxury workout leggings?! If you can assess your current financial obligations and look at what you are willing to give up to get what you desire I bet there is plenty of financial wiggle room in your budget. If you are not willing to give things up or already living lean and broke then you need a side hustle my friend!

4. The Epic Journey

The epic journey is for someone who is really looking to have an adventure — perhaps in need of some deep soul searching and just tapped out of regular life. Many people save all year, live lean and have a side hustle in order to do a one a year epic journey. Of course you need to be prepared to potentially leave your work for this so if you have a dedicated career in place or if you haven’t stocked up a boat load of vacay time this probably isn’t for you. For those of you who are not settled into a career that you plan to be at long term or perhaps you are tapping out of your current job and ready for a change, get your money in order and when the time is right give your two weeks notice. Get on the plane and spend a few months tooling around another continent to become inspired and give yourself that amazing journey you desire! You can learn so much from other cultures and gain so much amazing perspective so if your needing to fill your cup in a deep way, this maybe an option for you!

5. Don’t Overlook Your Backyard

We often want to hop to another continent to find adventure but before you splurge on that big ticket don’t forget that whatever country you reside in you have beauty all around you! In the United States for example we have a plethora of unique terrains, climates and incredible scenery that people travel from all around the world to see!

Have you experienced the vastness of the desserts of the Southwest or seen the greatness of the Grand Canyon? What about the badlands and black hills? Think of the The copious amount of national parks! Have you been Scuba diving in the warm and beautiful Florida keys? Partied in vibrant Miami? Experienced the southern charm of Savannah or New Orleans? Have you sailed in the misty ocean air of Maine?

What about being in the center of The glitz grit of the worlds cultural Petri dish of New York?! Don’t even get me started on California which has so many different vibes going on, you have in that state alone several trips from partying in LA to getting your nature fix in Yosemite!

6. Get a Credit Card

I’m sure some people will be all freaked out I said that and I will get some scolding emails so please save them- I already know! 🙂 Listen… my opinion is YOLO. If you absolutely need a pilgrimage and travel or your going to be in a deep depression then book your trip and have that experience you need to refresh your mind and heart! You can pay back your card over the next months your home and repeat! Yup I said it! I’m not about judging, I’m about giving options to help you fulfill your needs and giving you that self love and adventure you deserve! Whatever your comfortable with and won’t have buyers remorse over is all that matters.

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