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Hi fellow Wanderlusters! — go-go now — stop reading my post and go see what all my chatter is about!

A few years back I came across and subscribed to their newsletter. This is not just any travel site — it’s a site that has such a vast amount of information that it will inspire you to do things you never though you would or frankly didn’t even know existed!

We all have places on our radar that we want to check out. Maybe yours is ancient ruins in Turkey like Gobekli Tepe, or perhaps it’s the latest party people spot on blast in Ibiza? It’s fun to fantasize about all the places you can go and experiences you can have! I love jetsetter because while we know about many of the most famous and popular global destinations like Paris and London, we forget that there is a whole other world of niche travel you can do! What about all the small towns, villages and islands spanning the globe? The ones that don’t make the front page but offer more culture and authenticity then you could ask for! not only will inform you of all the latest and greatest places to go globally but they also create amazing lists that inspire you to get even more granular and adventurous with your travels and get outside of the normal tourist box. Their research lists have a plethora of locations spanning from unique destinations like: Best European lake towns to amazing places for watching hummingbird migrations to exotic market places in Sri Lanka! You name it — they have it covered! This site has been one of my favorite go — to resources when it comes to getting inspiration and information for my travels.

I hope you didn’t even bother spending time to read my post and are already at the site researching your next trip! Feel free to email me If you found anything amazing you want to share! My next trip planned was inspired from jetsetter and I will be taking a road trip from Serbia to Slovenia, ending in Hungary! Jetsetter provided me with plenty of unique suggestions for places to eat, drink and take in the culture along the way!

Happy travels fellow adventurers!

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