Radiant Jane Italy Retreats

Radiant Jane Italy retreats

My first experience in Italy was joining my mom, Jane Reeves for her beautiful “La Dolce Vita” retreat in Tuscany. Driving our Fiat through the winding and rolling hills in itself was a delight! Vineyard after vineyard adorns the land as well as many historic hill towns throughout the region.

We spent time exploring Montalcino, Montepulciano and Pienza. These towns are so well preserved from their original state that you feel as if you have walked right into the medieval times. Cobbled streets, beautiful flowers, abundant trattorias and of course gelaterias. 🙂 Rich history, ancient chapels and beautiful architecture at every turn.  On the retreat you will have the opportunity to visit one of these towns with the group and of course you can rent a car and have the freedom to go exploring as you please.

After our adventures visiting hill towns along the way we continued to make our way to Fattoria del Colle, the beautiful winery and agriturismo where the retreat is being hosted. Envision driving down a winding road, sun is shining and there are billowing fields of wild flowers mixed with ancient grape vines. Dotting the rolling hills are villas and ancient castles in the distance. Some are preserved and remain home to centuries of one family and others are abandoned relics from the past, magnificent structures crumbling as the elements come and go each season, still catching admiration of those passing by.

As we get closer to Fattoria del Colle a feeling comes over you, a warmth and an invitation to relax. It’s a beautiful slice of Tuscany that you, the client of Radiant Jane Retreats is given the opportunity to be a part of. The landscape is peaceful, breezy, tranquil and calming.

The retreat is filled with a variety of activities and you can be as involved or as relaxed as you please. Offered is lead meditation, yoga, chef cooked meals, time spent in the enchanting gardens to be alone with your thoughts, or poolside socializing and basking in the sun. There are massages to free your mind and body of stress and lovely countryside walks amongst the vineyards.  You will soak in this land and savor your time and experience.

Your time at Fattoria del Colle will be enriching and memorable. This will be a time and place you won’t forget. If you are yearning for you time, give it to yourself. Life is full of wonder and new destinations can open your heart and mind. You deserve to expose yourself to a beautiful and tranquil setting where you can be at ease and center yourself in a loving and welcoming environment.

You can learn more in depth about all the retreat has to offer at www.thejanereeves.com as well as future retreats, coaching services and Jane’s book Heart of Gold. Thank you for visiting the blog today and taking the time to learn about this enriching retreat and hopefully you will be inspired to give yourself the best gift you can, which is a chance to focus on yourself in a beautiful and unique setting.

Radiant Jane Italy retreats Radiant Jane Italy retreats Radiant Jane Italy retreats Radiant Jane Italy retreats Radiant Jane Italy retreats


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