The Importance of Being Grateful

It is easy to focus on the negatives in life. All humans have stress and hardship we must endure, this is unavoidable. Even though we have to face challenging elements it is important to be grateful for all the wonderful things we have! Take a moment and reflect on your life and the positive things you have. The people you value, the possessions you enjoy, the modern-day conveniences that we often take for granted.

I encourage you to make it part of your daily routine to practice being grateful. I start and end my day acknowledging three things I am grateful for in my life. I believe that taking a moment to pay respect to the positive elements in life is important to get your mindset on the right track for a productive and positive day, and again for a clear-headed positive influence before your night of sleep.

Everyone can find three things to be are grateful for. If you find yourself stumped, just think about the modern conveniences we look at as a norm to give you some inspiration.

Think about running water — Wow! Running water, whenever you want it for cooking, drinking, cleaning, bathing. This is such a luxury that many people around the world do not have access to readily and conveniently and we don’t even think twice about this. If you want to have an eye opener, check out the sited article from World Health Organization stating that in 2019, 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water. It is hard to imagine this and certainly brings a feeling of gratitude.

Think about the computer or phone your using to read this post. With a few clicks you have access to infinite information from around the globe. This in itself is mind blowing! Everyone over the age of 30 did not grow up with easy internet access, let alone smart phones. It’s important to sit back and take a moment to think about the days we wrote research papers from encyclopedias with outdated information. I think back with a giggle to the days of debating a topic with neighborhood kids and having my primary argument for being right as “my dad said so”, in lieu of getting the real facts from a quick smart phone googling session.

Also, what about simply the gift of life? The fact we get to be here, on this earth, a part of this mystifying and dynamic existence. We have the ability to think on a level higher than all of the millions of known species on this earth. We have the ability to explore and expand our minds in whatever direction we desire. It is important to take a moment when we get caught up in the daily shuffle of life to remember how invaluable our ability for sentient thought is.

Do you ever take a moment and just say wow — how amazing is it that I am a human? I am part of a species that once dwelled in caves and thought you would sail right off the edge of the earth and now can manipulate the weather, create products like CRISPR, land on the moon or create the technology to call someone from anywhere nearly in the globe for a quick casual chat? I mean wow. We are a part of this amazing species and we have the ability to do great things.

These examples may be in some ways obvious, but at the same time we often forget to take a moment to sit in awe of them as they have become the norm. I encourage you to take time daily to acknowledge what you are grateful for and give yourself an opportunity to reflect on all the wonder and opportunity you have in your life. Take time to appreciate this existence and all it has to offer.

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