Say NO to the Doldrums!

Say no to the doldrums

Sometimes in life we can wake up in the morning and be in a fine mood going about our day and for no apparent reason we find ourselves slipping into a state of the dreaded doldrums. Everything can be going fine  but this moody little creep the doldrums comes in a takes our mind over, morphing us into a lame sad sack.

This feeling sucks! I get these every now and then and I always know when it has reared its ugly head. It’s like a switch flipped and the moodiness rolls in. Maybe it’s triggered from an annoying conversation, or weird interaction, depressing podcast, unpleasant bill in the mail. The reasons are endless and many days this stuff could roll off of you but some days we are emotionally more fragile than others.

So how do we combat this? The first thing to know is that this feeling will pass and it is completely temporary. Its temporary because we have the power to combat these bummer feelings and it’s very simple to do! When I get into this state my first point of order is to acknowledge it’s happening. Just sit back and go yup…I have this wave of moodiness and it’s here. Okay next you need to decide you want to shake it off! Don’t settle into it and let the mood take you over, the power of the mind is so incredible!

Next point of order is to find something fun that makes you smile. If doldrums come over you at work- maybe make fun lunch plan, or make a coffee run and spoil yourself with a mocha. If you can’t sneak out of work make happy hour plans or something of this nature in the next day or evening that can brighten your mood and give you something to look forward to. Even something as simple as –tonight I’m going to get my favorite takeout and watch 80’s movies is a great remedy!

Whatever speaks to you as a fun way to perk yourself up needs to be the focal point. I promise the minute you define what your fun thing to look forward to it- your mind will shift out of that state of doldrums and start focusing on the plan ahead!

One additional thing to add is that you don’t need to spend any money or make any plans if your limited on time of finances. There is nothing like watching cat videos on YouTube or news bloopers which is one of my favorites, these are sure to get you smiling in no time!

Here are some links below to pull you out from the doldrums to give you some ideas next time these feeling sneak over you!


Do you feel like you are slipping into a state of the dreaded doldrums? As a happiness coach,  I’ll help you to overcome this state!


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