Say NO to the Doldrums!

Say no to the doldrums

In life we can wake up in the morning, start the day off on the right foot, and before we know it find ourselves slipping into a state of doldrums. Perhaps it’s triggered by an annoying conversation with a family member, a weird interaction at the workplace, a depressing podcast, or an unpleasant bill in the mail. The reasons are endless. Many days this feeling could quickly pass or roll off your shoulders, but some days we are emotionally more fragile than others.

1. So, how do we combat this?

1.1. Acknowledge you are in a bad mood

Bad moods are temporary — thank goodness! Humans luckily have the power to combat bummer feelings, and it’s very simple to do! When I get into this state, my first point of order is to acknowledge it’s happening. Just sit back and go yup… I have this wave of moodiness and it’s here. Now it’s time to shake it off! Don’t settle into it and let the mood take you over. Remember, the power of the mind is incredible!

1.2. Identify the root reason

When you feel depressed, you may not know the root reason or simply be afraid of acknowledging it. Think about what makes you feel stuck in the doldrums right now. Is it the weather? Your family members’ behavior? Maybe a negative interaction with your partner? Whatever the reason, acknowledge and accept it. Once you know the root cause for your bad mood, you are ready to rise up and make your mood escape plan.

1.3. Find something fun that makes you smile

If doldrums come over you at work, remedy it with a diversion like making fun lunch plans, or have a coffee run and spoil yourself with a mocha. If you can’t sneak out of work, make happy hour plans or an after work coffee date with a friend. Make a near future plan that brightens your mood and gives you something to look forward to. Even something as simple as a date night with yourself! For example, get your favorite takeout that night and watch 80’s movies. Simple pleasures are always a great remedy!

Whatever speaks to you as a fun way to perk yourself up needs to be the focal point. I promise the minute you define your fun thing to look forward to, your mind will shift out of the state of doldrums and start focusing on the plan ahead!

2. Useful tips for pulling yourself out of a bad mood

2.1. Listen to music

If you feel down and out, turn on your favorite music! What music usually makes you feel better? Classical? Pop? Reggae? Prepare several playlists that will change your mood for the better and listen to them when you feel depressed, low energy or in need of some inspiration!

2.2. Talk to your friends

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on! It’s vital to rely on your friends to lift you up when you’re in need. Having a familiar face remind you that you are strong and can rise up to life’s challenges is a wonderful gift. Sometimes just airing your feelings out loud to a trusted source can allow you the ability to work through them, simply by talking! Before you know it, you will have come out the other side feeling far better.

2.3. Have a healthy snack

Unhealthy food or feeling hungry may lead to distress. Simply having a healthy snack instead can pick up your energy level or alter your mood. Eat some high-protein or healthy high-fat food like avocado. This will contribute to your well-being and help cheer yourself up.

2.4. Don’t spend too much time on social media

Social networks are not a positive tool when it comes to struggling with a bad mood. People who spend a lot of time on social media often feel depressed from comparing their lives with others. They feel envious looking at the videos and photos of other people showcasing their best moments and start to believe that others’ lives are ideal while theirs are dull and miserable. The best way to remedy this feeling and beat a bad mood is to turn off social media for some time. Turn your smartphone off and spend a day or at least a few hours free from a virtual world.

2.5. Change your environment

The objects surrounding us trigger our thoughts and feelings, making us behave in certain ways. Being in a dark room for example on a sunny day may just enhance feelings of depression or low energy. Go outside, turn on mood lighting, go run errands or get to the gym if you find yourself slowly getting into shut in status. Change up your scenery and it will change your mood.

2.6. Meditation

Meditation can help us handle the overwhelming daily stress of life. If you feel you aren’t ready to meditate on your own, try a guided meditation using a special meditation app like Headspace or Calm. This kind of meditation is ideal for those who want to start a mediation practice. Guided meditations will be beneficial to your physical and psychological well-being and give you an opportunity to clear your head and start fresh.

2.7. Clean your room and living space

Did you know that keeping your living space clean can help you improve your mood? Scientists have proved that cleaning can brighten people’s spirits. Those who tend to love in a clutter-free environment feel less stressed. Spend some time cleaning, decluttering and feng shuing your space. Your home is your temple so treat it that way.

One additional thing to add is that you don’t need to spend any money or make any plans if your limited on time of finances. There is nothing like watching cat videos on YouTube or news bloopers which is one of my favorites, these are sure to get you smiling in no time!

Here are some links below to pull you out from the doldrums to give you some ideas next time these feeling sneak over you!


Do you feel like you are slipping into a state of the dreaded doldrums? As a happiness coach,  I’ll help you to overcome this state!

4. Articles

Since we are all unique, we may have our own activities that help fix ourselves up. Take the time to create your own list of activities that work for you. Then, practice them every time you need to beat a bad mad.

Do you feel like you are slipping into a state of the dreaded doldrums? As a happiness coach, I’ll help you to overcome this state!

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